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Subsidized Treatments: $15, Private Rooms: $45
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Our People

Boone Community Acupuncture Clinic opened on January 4th, 2008 as a way to offer an alternative to high costs of health care in our community. The people who work here are dedicated to the cause of affordable health care in America, regardless of means or insurance coverage.

Michael Goopta

Michael Goopta

Michael Goopta, L.Ac, is a 2007 graduate of Eastern School of Acupuncture, New Jersey, where he was trained in a broad spectrum of acupuncture modalities including Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Japanese Style Acupuncture, and Worsley Style Five Elements Acupuncture. Besides acupuncture, he was also trained in Sotai Ho (a Japanese bodywork), Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Tui Na (Chinese body works), laser therapy and other needle-free treatments

After getting his masters in Engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara, Michael worked as a software engineer for 18 years in Silicon Valley, and NYC. After 9/11 Michael developed an interest in holistic medicine to relieve people of the stress in their daily lives, as well as to fulfill a need for service in his own life. From 2002 to 2004, he volunteered in a hospice for terminally ill patients while taking prepatory courses in the evenings, and maintaining his corporate job as an engineer.

Carole Bollini

Carole Bollini

Carole, wife of Michael, volunteers to keep the clinic running smoothly. A graduate of Columbia University (NYC) holding a Master's in Library Science and a Master's in Education from Sydney University (Australia), she has worked as a teacher and librarian in several school and public libraries and as a class instructor in the NYC school system, in the fields of environmental and personal health, animal rights and community relations. She is also a certified Feng Shui consultant, having lectured and consulted in homes, offices, and local bookstores for the for the past 12 years.

She had produced youtube videos for preparing oneself for individual meditation, entitled "Moving Into Meditation," using music and affirmations that correspond to the seven chakras of the body. She has also produced youtube videos for preservation of wolves, and healthy eating

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